Comparing Nanoplastia, Botox and Keratin Treatment at same time

We would like to inform you that Nanoplastia , Botox and Keratin Treatment are best suitable for hair Smoothening through you can get average 40-70% stratening results depending on hair structure and application method.

These comparison are between treatments put together all brands results. Actual results are differ from brand to brand and method of application.

Finally we can say that if you want smooth hair with safety then you should go with Nanoplastia. If you like your curly hair and want to make detangle at same time then you can go with Botox Treatment. If you like to save money but can bear strong smell then you can go with Keratin Treatment.

Now days many keratin treatment are having strong fragrance to mask smell of Formaldehyde but still you can find traces of Formaldehyde at time ironing in form of smoke. So you should first clear with company at time of purchase.

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