Is Nanoplastia really better than keratin or Smoothening??

This is really an interesting question asked by most of salon owners.

In a way, we can say it more benefits over traditional one like keratin or Smoothening.

First of all you must to understand the need of the customer, what they want to see in their hair and what cost they want to pay for it.either in term of money or health. After understanding the need of your customer , you can decide which is suitable for them.

What is Nanoplastia?

Nanoplastia is a new method of straightening and shaping hairs. It is considered the safest treatment compared to many other hair treatments like smoothening, Keratin treatment etc.

If you want your frizzy hair to look shiny, straight, without damaging your hair then you can try out Nanoplastia treatment. Unlike other treatments it is more like an organic kind of treatment which restores and nourishes your hair, making your hair healthy, silky, shiny and straight.

Because harsh chemicals, formaldehyde are not used in Nanoplastia treatment, it is safe for a pregnant woman as well as for children above 7 years of age. If you can’t stand the smell, or burning via chemical processes then nanoplastia is for you as it is free from any intense smell or burning.

Procedure of nanoplastia treatment

You can go through below steps for getting the nanoplastia treatment.

Step 1. Firstly they wash your hair 1 or 2 times.

Step 2. They dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Step 3. The professional applies the main solution on your hairs taking small sections of your hairs one at a time. Once the solution is applied on your hair then you have to wait for 45-90 minutes based on your hair condition.

Step 4. They rinse your hair with plain water.

Step 5. They blow dry your hair.

Step 6. They straighten your hair.

Advantages of nanoplastia treatment

1. Harmless organic chemicals are used in the treatment. So, nanoplastia is a safe treatment for hair.

2. It takes 4-5 hours in complete nonplastia procedure.

3. No smell and burning of skin.

4. Nanoplastia treatment provides long lasting results to your hairs. You can be careless for 5-6 months about the shine, straightness of your hair, once you take the nanoplastia hair treatment.

Disadvantages of nanoplastia hair treatment

1. Nonplastia treatment may cost between Rs. 5000-10000 or more depending on salon, city, and brand of products used. This much cost is thought to be high for a middle class person in India.

2. Sometines we can not see results on baby curls because solution is applied leaving one inch distance from roots.

What is smoothening?

Smoothening provides a semi-permanent, smooth, silky, and natural straight look to your hairs. The results of this smoothening lasts for 3-5 months that’s why it is called semi permanent.

In smoothening, formaldehyde solution is used to saturate the hairs. This formaldehyde solution is considered to be harmful for skin. There are many bad effects of this chemical such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eye irritation, etc. Now days , few treatment contains glycolic acid for straightening purpose.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment provides temporary, smooth, silky, healthy, and natural straight look to hairs. The results of keratin treatment last around 2-3 months when you care for your hair enough.

Keratin is the protein which makes up the outer protective layer and internal structure of your hair strand. If somehow you lose this protein then your hair becomes dry, damaged and frizzy.

Keratin treatment fills the porous hair strands and makes them healthy. Sometimes formaldehyde is also used in keratin treatment, which may be harmful for your eyes, skin, and mental health.

Generally, Keratin products using formaldehyde try to hide the fact that formaldehyde is used in the product. So, you need to take extra care about that if you don’t want to use formaldehyde on your hair.

Is nanoplastia better than Smoothening or Keratin?

Yes, Of course the nanoplastia treatment is better than smoothening and keratin. Here are some points showing how nanoplastia treatment is better than smoothening or keratin.

1. In Nanoplastia, organic chemicals are used instead of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Amino acids and collagen used in Nanoplastia make your hair healthy.

2. The results of nanoplastia last longer in comparison to both smoothening and keratin. Results of keratin treatment, smoothening, and nanoplastia last around 2-3 months, 4-5 months, and 5-7 months respectively.

3. Results of nanoplastia are visible immediately after treatment but in Keratin treatment, it takes 2-3 days to be completely visible the results and that often becomes frustrating to end users.

4. The cost of nanoplastia is usually high but not very high. I think the cost of nanoplastia is worth it because results last longer with no side effects.


There are many methods to make hair straight and silky in the market like Smoothening, Rebonding, Keratin treatment, hair relaxing etc. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages but one new method named nanoplastia is way better than these hair straightening methods.

Long lasting results with no side effects of the treatment makes the nanoplastia no. 1.

Nanoplastia is a very natural hair treatment that you are free to do anything you want with your hair after treatment.

We at the Dermatop Professional help you to get you 100% satisfaction results for your customers.

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